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Do you help your clients optimize the performance of their ads?

Facebook does.

Like this:

Hi Mark Ramsey, 

You've been selected to receive a free optimization! If you would like to participate in this program, please respond "yes" to this email as soon as possible. 

My name is Emma, and I'm an Advertising Specialist on the Facebook Ads team. With your permission, we will create a brand new, paused campaign in your Ads Manager with at least one fresh and improved ad. The goal of this optimization will be to show you how to create more effective ads by creating stronger ad text, more fully utilizing our available targeting and other tactics. If you choose to participate, we expect that the new ad(s) in your account will be given a chance to run due to the resources required to provide this free service to you. 

When you reply yes to this email, we'll create the optimized ad for you within 1-3 business days and let you know when it's ready. You can then log in to your Ads Manager and activate it. I look forward to helping you optimize your ad's performance! 


Emma  Online Sales Operations Facebook

So do you look forward to helping your clients to optimize the performance of their ads?

How do you help them do this?

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