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Cuss-words are bad; TV “News”dity is good!

So let me get this straight.

Dirty words – or words that can be construed as dirty on the radio – are illegal and will get you fined heavily.

But doing a TV "news" story during sweeps that sends a crack "broadcast journalist" to strip naked for a photographer is A.O.K.?

Yep! And not only that, folks, but it’s a big ratings winner! Surprise, surprise!

Is this fair? Is this logical? Is this anything but incredibly stupid? Just try explaining this one to your kids, mom and dad. No, hunny, Bono can’t say "fuck" on radio or TV but that lady on the evening news can show you her bare ass.

America: Land of contradictions.

More on the story here.

Advice to Howard Stern: Show your strippers naked at 11pm. Just don’t use the term "penis" in context.

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