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Christmas: The next big year-round format

Fred Jacobs is going to be talking about this this morning too…The big format opportunity yet to be exploited:

Christmas music 365 days a year.

Nope. I’m not kidding.

Think of the benefits:

1. Whoever does it gets automatic ownership of the position which will pay off handsomely in the Fall book. It’s like being a station with a big sports franchise that plays seasonally. Except it’s CHEAP.

2. Whoever does it will prove that there’s an audience for this music all year long, which there is. Don’t doubt it. Yes, it’s much smaller off-season. But who cares. All News is smaller when there’s no crisis. That doesn’t make it a bad format.

3. There are those who will say this is the perfect HD radio format. This is nonsense. It’s a perfect format – period. Some broadcasters define “perfect HD radio format” as one which isn’t appealing enough to matter for a conventional signal. As Fall ratings prove, Christmas is NOT in that category. By the way, I’m not aware that Christmas is even on the “approved” HD radio format list.

4. Christmas is a format exactly one station deep. Once you do it, no one else is likely to follow. That solidifies your ownership of the franchise.

All Christmas All the Time would be the format that brings the feeling of the season to you, no matter what time of year it is.

For anyone who has felt their spirit drop when their neighborhood packs up its holiday lights, this is a gift from Heaven.

So to speak.

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