Bon Voyage, Howard

The final day that Howard Stern is on free radio.

I will never forget the road trip in college to Washington, where I first heard Howard Stern on DC-101. I was in a car of students and our mouths were all agape. We had never heard anything like this before and we were absolutely bewitched.

From that day to this Howard has been a part of my life, on and off.

In Friday’s LA Times I noted that I was fortunate to be in Philadelphia when Howard began his syndicated march into the record books. “It will never work,” they said.

It did.

I was fortunate to be on the Left Coast when Howard went bi-coastal. “It will never work,” they said.

It did.

I was fortunate to be central in bringing Howard to San Diego radio for the first time. “San Diego is too conservative for Howard,” they said. “It will never work.”

It did.

Howard has proved the naysayers wrong time and again.

And now, in this new chapter of his life and career, I have no doubt he’ll do it once again.

Bon voyage, Howard.

I’ll hear you on the other side.

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