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Are you in the Content Marketing Business?

Gary Vaynerchuk is the well-known digital entrepreneur and dynamo who parlayed a daily online video show into a publishing, speaking, and consulting empire, helping brands (i.e., your clients) more effectively connect with their customers (i.e., your listeners).

In this video, Gary talks content.

Not the kind of content we make to be surrounded by ads, but the kind of content we co-create with our brand clients that is, in Gary’s words, “valuable to the end-user around the genre that brand is playing in.”

Content can be a commodity, says Gary, so what you create has to be really great to stand out.

And once you have great content that swims in the genre pool of your brand, the next step is to attract a community of like interest around that content and to give that content to the consumer so the consumer rewards the brand (your client) with the equity it needs to sustain and grow.

Watch this:

For any category ask yourself this question: What are the major clients – or potential clients – in this category? And how can we create content which helps them drive their message – or help THEM to create content which drives their message – such that they will pay a premium for the effort?

In other words, don’t simply create content and then rush to get it sponsored. Create content around the client’s brand category that drives the client’s message and does not constitute what would otherwise be known as “advertising.”

Is this tougher than placing a simple buy? You bet. But does it create an advantage for your brand in a marketplace of infinitely expanding advertising opportunities?


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