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Are you Color-Blind?

If you’re working on a new logo, then you should consider a new color scheme.

One of the ways we go wrong in the Radio business is that we ignore the fundamental emotional punch that the right combination of colors can pack. All colors, you see, are not created equal. And it’s definitely not as simple as “brighter colors are better.”

Some colors suggest certain things that can help your message go down like a visual spoonful of sugar.

I thought of this as I saw a TV spot for an estrogen replacement product – the background was light purple, the product was light purple. Everything was light purple. So I looked it up, and it turns out light purple “evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings” and is thus “a good choice for a feminine design.”

Do YOU think this hard about color?

Maybe you should.

Here is a great overview of color theory. Before you dictate the colors to your artist, read this first.

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