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Are the Anti-Satellite Radio Ads Working?

This is in the category of “if we tell the industry something is true, then they’ll believe it.”

Speaking as a research professional, when have focus groups ever proved anything? Focus Groups are an exploratory tool with zero – ZERO – quantitative accuracy.

Second, if sales of Satellite Radio receivers were to suddenly slow, THAT would be proof. But David doesn’t know anything about that and I doubt VERY much that sales ARE slowing.

Third, who’s in these focus groups, anyway? Not necessarily people who would otherwise be about to make the satellite plunge.

Fourth, you would think somebody in the Radio establishment would realize that every ad against Satellite Radio legitimizes it as a threat and – hold on to your seats – actually and unintentionally promotes it. Nicely done, gents.

Don’t believe everything you hear, folks. Particularly when it’s in someone’s interest to make you believe it.

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