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Another way to listen to listen to YOUR radio station – on the iPhone and iPod Touch

It's like buying a radio that can get any station anywhere – for a measly ten dollars.

It's called RadioShift Touch, and here's a screenshot.


Open it in iTunes here.

Now I know lots of stations are now racing to create their own custom iPhone buttons, and this is a great thing to do.  But keep in mind it's not nearly enough.

That's because the iPhone is not about you, it's about your audience and what they want.

While it's fine to have your own station's button on the iPhone, history will prove that listeners will be way more interested in buttons that allow access to many stations rather than just one.

Just as history has shown listeners prefer radios that get all stations to "fixed-tune" radios that get only one.  

I'm not saying a $10 app is better than the free one, I'm saying a free one that gets lots of stations is best of all.  The advantage will favor whatever provides the greatest value with the greatest simplicity.

The opportunity for your station is not to try and narrow the choices listeners have, it's to be the worthiest choice among many.

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