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An introduction to “Podcasting”

…or, as this Newsweek article very correctly and succinctly calls it, "TiVo for your iPod."

I knew you were a troublemaker, Adam Curry, when I saw all that crazy hair on MTV.

All broadcasters should get up to speed on this phenomenon, because it will only get easier and more widespread than it is today.

"Podcasting" will turn every iPod owner into a potential narrowcaster. With an eye – and an ear – toward stealing your cume.

Just as desktop publishing made everyone a newsletter-producer and iMovie and its like made PC owners mini-filmmakers, Podcasting has the potential to liberate the radio producer in every listener.

It also raises the question: Can Radio "podcast" its own programming? And will it stand any chance in hell of getting Arbitron credit if it does so?

I’m not holding my breath.

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