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An ineffective pitch by the RAB

If the RAB wants to “dispel misconceptions about Radio,” then this memo certainly isn’t the way.

Never is the difference between “sales” and “marketing” clearer than when we review the marketing savvy – or lack thereof – of the RAB, as illustrated by this memo which essentially seeks to rationally convince you that you’re wrong if you believe the blizzard of negative Radio publicity and avalanche of positive PR for Radio alternatives.

Now I know it’s the RAB’s job to trumpet the value of Radio as an advertising medium. But isn’t their job really to do so effectively?

A litany of isolated evidence points removed from all context is not likely to change even a single mind.

Answer this question, RAB: What is the one single and simple thing that makes Radio exciting to both listeners and journalists right now?

If you can’t answer that question, you don’t have a case.

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