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A Rehr Treat

But somebody tell me, did he mention the Internet?

Did he say that, too, is a top priority for the NAB? Did he say that the future will belong to cross-media, integrated campaigns, and radio – like other media – must jump in with both feet?

Did he say that we will have more competition at home, at work, and in the car from other media and sources outside the current media matrix? Did he say that HD Radio would be the solution to this problem?

Did he stress the importance of premium content to radio’s future? The notion that folks will seek out what’s unique and compelling and distinctive and radio is the place they expect to go for it? Did he say that?

Did he talk about what the NAB is doing for smaller groups and local broadcasters to enable them to compete in a multi-media, Internet-enabled radio world?

I’m just wondering.

Did he tell us what we want to hear or what we need to hear?

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