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A different Super Bowl for marketers

The importance of driving consumers to your website couldn’t be more obvious if it’s so obvious to the marketers spending the big bucks on a Super Bowl ad.

Says USA Today:

“Super Bowl ads used to be the final destination,” says Robert Thompson, pop-culture professor at Syracuse University. “They’ve evolved into traps, like quicksand, that try to capture customers and bring them onto the Web.”

That’s because, folks, the consumers are in control. And marketers are doing their best to seduce consumers into relationships which result in ongoing patronage. And there’s no better way to mediate that relationship than to do it online.

This is light years from a “database” or “email blasts.” As I like to say, I’ve never met anyone who wants to be “blasted,” have you?

Radio stations are going to have to reconceptualize their websites. No longer are they cyber-billboards or repositories for airstaff biographies and random babe pics.

Now your challenge is to make them inviting, involving, and captivating. A place worth visiting again and again with stuff worth coming for. A place that nurtures your relationship with them – and their relationship with your advertisers.

If you’re not spending a significant chunk of your marketing resources on your website you’re missing the point.

Watch the Super Bowl. That point will be on vivid display.

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