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A Call for Leadership

From Radio Ink:

Taking radio to task for not delving more rapidly into the digital space, Zenith Media’s Matt Feinberg, who oversees the company’s Radio and Interactive divisions, said radio is missing out on money that is increasingly being funneled to digital media. “Digital is everywhere,” he said at the June 28 Interep Radio Symposium. “There is a digital wave and everyone wants a piece of it, but radio is not there. People want pure digital buys, and radio is not there. Radio is a line item, a nuisance. It’s a pain in the butt right now.” With a couple of notable exceptions, he also said that radio groups aren’t doing enough in the online space, either. “It’s not that they’re bad at it, they just haven’t really done it,” he said. “Citadel and Clear Channel have done some good things, but radio hasn’t stepped up to digital frontier en masse. There is a lack of understanding at the high levels, and they don’t see the reasoning for the investment. I believe that wholeheartedly.”

In the long run, if we don’t see the reasoning for the investment, our audiences will slowly but surely be torn from us, one pair of ears at a time.

This is a moment in the history of our industry when leadership is vital.

So stand up, leaders. And show yourselves.

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