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35-54’s More Likely to Listen to Online Radio than to use mp3 Players

Here's another finding from the Nielsen study on audio listening habits that you are not likely to read in the trades.

The reach and usage for portable audio media (mp3 players/iPods) is only slightly higher than the reach and usage for online radio.

Specifically, mp3 players had 11.5% daily reach and 69 minutes of daily average use.  Streaming had 9.3% daily reach and 67 minutes of daily average use.

Nobody is really talking about this, but I think this is enormously important:  Not only is mp3 player use less common than we would assume based on the buzz it receives, but online radio almost equals its overall reach!

Further, the reach of online radio is GREATER than that of mp3 players among 35-54's (13.5% vs. 11.5%). To rephrase this, 35-54's are more likely to listen to online radio than to use an mp3 player.

Mp3 players have a big advantage among Men (15.8% to online radio's 10.6%) and 18-34's (20.8% to online radio's 10.9%).

Needless to say, traditional radio is more likely to be used by all these groups.  But that's not the headline, because that's not news.  Unlike traditional radio, mp3 players and online radio must be specifically and actively engaged.  Thus, these listeners are people who choose what to listen to rather than simply listen to "whatever is on."

Better ramp up your online radio strategy!

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