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20-year-olds use elevators, too

From Inside Radio:

More critics of PPM step forward. Radio One and Beasley Broadcasting. Radio One CEO Alfred Liggins…says “…[PPM is] showing soft elevator ACs like Jerry Lee’s WBEB as #3 or #4 in the market 18-34 and we know that’s not the case.”

Now critique a ratings methodology all you like but question the dominance of WBEB or its kind at your own peril.

First off, I doubt ANY WBEB listeners would agree that it is a “soft elevator” station.

Second, this criticism illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Mainstream AC (yes, that’s what we call it now) format is and how it works. The format is intended to create a soothing and productive and non-distracting environment suitable as a soundtrack for women of ALL ages who need this type of background to get their work done or to decompress from the pressures of the day. This is in no way illogical or surprising. The fact that the music on WBEB isn’t pre-approved by women in this demo means only that WBEB isn’t aiming to play their favorite songs – they’re aiming to provide the environment these women demand, when they demand it.

That – and an aggressive marketing posture second to none – spells ratings.

While Mr. Liggins may know “that’s not the case,” I know it is the case.

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