hivio 2016: Panoply and the Business of Podcasting


Andy Bowers is the Chief Content Officer of Panoply, a leading podcast network and an innovator in the space.

In this Q&A from hivio 2016, the audio future festival, I talk with Andy about Panoply’s business model, how the company works with advertisers and brands, and the future of podcasting as a business.

Among the questions Andy addresses:

  • Describe Panoply
  • For advertisers, Panoply is more about impact than scale. How is that distinction important and how does it work for you?
  • How do you work with brands?
  • Most of the advertising on Panoply is direct response. This is a small portion of the ad dollar. When will this evolve? How will it evolve?
  • What data do you need to boost the business of podcasting?
  • Client-branded podcasts – The Message / GE, companion podcasts for HBO / Netflix. How did these come about?
  • Describe the business model for Panoply? How do you make money?
  • How do you measure success for Panoply and your clients?
  • What is a “Panoply show?” How does a show become a Panoply show?
  • What’s your aspiration? How large?
  • What are the challenges in a podcasting network?

If you’re in the audio space then you have to grapple with monetizing on-demand content. See what you can learn from Andy. Click here:

This is another of many videos I’ll be sharing from hivio 2016.

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