Tweet This: Quality News is Dying


Tweet this: Quality news is dying.


Twitter growth screeches to a halt – at 52 million users!

Plus, rants and raves about the “connected lawn” and proof that Donald Trump’s hands are not as HUUGE as he says they are.

It’s episode 48 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey.

Listen as we go inside media to reveal the ugly truth!

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  • Patty Lotz

    done Mornings, Afternoons, TV, Film, Vh-1 and E!. I’ve been news director at a
    number of stations. I was also a TV anchor, reporter and writer.

    I concur Doctor. New is awful. People have a shorter attention span. It’s
    opinion, cocktail dresses and cleavage (on TV), quick bites. Because as one
    young person said to me once, “there are too many words”. Wow.

    My 84 yr. old mother sits in front of the TV watching Fox News (oxymoron) all
    day long. She tells me she’s “watching the news, I need to know what’s going on”. I say, “Mom, its

    Its incredible frustrating.

    I know people are busy and many are overwhelmed with the pressures of life. But
    we have settled for garbage that may or may not be news.

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