hivio 2016 – How Pandora is Changing Audio Advertising


Lizzie Widhelm is Pandora’s Senior Vice President of Ad Product Sales & Strategy where she spearheads the team that brings advertising products to life and to market.

At this Q&A from hivio, the audio future festival, Lizzie talks about the evolving Pandora platform and how it’s changing its sales strategy to meet the future head-on.

Here are some of the questions we cover:

  • Why is this evolution of Pandora so important? How is the new shape of Pandora likely to be different from what Spotify provides today?
  • What is your sales strategy at Pandora?
  • Talk about your advertising innovations – HOW you interrupt programming and WHAT you interrupt it with?
  • Ads are often ANNOYING. Why can’t advertisers fix this? How do we enable better, richer, deeper consumer experiences?
  • You have said you want Pandora to be “the first choice for new generation of audio listeners” – what does that mean, and how do you achieve it?
  • How does Pandora demonstrate “success” when it comes to client campaigns?
  • What can Pandora do that radio can’t do? What can radio do that Pandora can’t do?
  • What can others in the audio space – radio, online radio, podcasting – learn from the way you approach audio sales?
  • To what degree are you stealing radio dollars, and to what degree are these new-to-audio advertisers?

Click here to watch the entire 20-minute conversation:

This is one of many videos I’ll be sharing from hivio 2016.

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