The Podcasting Ad Space is Going to Explode


Sarah van Mosel is Chief Commercial Officer for Acast, a tech platform that helps podcast creators profit, helps audiences find great content, and helps advertisers reach engaged listeners.

Much has been said about the rise in podcast usage, but not nearly as much has been said about the rise in interest among advertising for podcasting’s burgeoning audience and how the podcast ecosystem is rising to meet – and create – that demand.

Sarah begins with an overview of the podcasting ecosystem for content creators and advertisers. This is a great starting point for any serious content creator and agencies which want to be fully informed about the space.

Sarah has her fingers on the pulse of podcasting’s future.

Watch her showcase the shape of podcasting to come. Click below.

This is one of many videos I’ll be sharing from hivio 2016.

You’ll find them first here in this blog.


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  • Diva_digital

    I like this lady, but she glosses over the central problems. Ad tech is the issue, not the content (which is all over the place, quality-wise.) No advanced reporting, no
    attribution, no third party data, no proof that the [pre/mid/post] roll
    has been listened to and no way to tie it to a cross platform buy
    (desktop/mobile/tablet/radio/TV — take your pick.) Media buyers & brands should
    stay away until this gets fixed, otherwise the message goes into the

  • Sarah van Mosel

    Diva_digital: Thanks for the feedback and I hear you loud and clear on the metrics. Believe me, the folks in the industry are working tirelessly to solve these (keep your eyes on the IAB Podcast Working Group toward the end of the summer), but those who are investing in the platform are reaping the benefits NOW. Podcast listeners are by far the most engaged audiences and smart marketers who understand how to talk to them won’t let anything stop them from continuing to spend money in the space. Here’s a great bit of research (below) from Comscore that shows how open podcast listeners are to an advertiser’s message. The beauty of the medium is the care taken by the platforms, sellers, and content producers to make the whole experience authentic. It pays off with a positive user experience. No other medium is quite like podcasting! http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/comscore-says-people-prefer-ads-podcasts-over-any-other-digital-medium-171804

  • Diva_digital

    I believe engagement is an important metric (which is why I don’t care much for typical mobile banner ads which are too small and a poor conveyor of message.) But, in my experience, engagement does not often translate into action. Quality content is, for sure, important for brand protection. But with sophisticated platforms and options elsewhere it has been proven that those promoting “engagement” do not necessarily deliver on engagement with the advertiser message. Higher CPMs, which usually come with promises of quality content and “engagement” do not automatically provide the value for the premium. at the end of the day, I will give my client options for the best bang for the buck but as we all know, clients have their own mind and like things like Super Bowl ads (which IMHO rarely make sense.) the MailChimp phenom was lighting in a bottle. Oh, and I love me some podcasts, too (Radiolab, StartUp podcast, Hardcore History, and lately Anna Ferris is Unqualified.) i’m not a hater!

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