You Won’t Believe What Happened at hivio


hivio 2016 is history now, but if you missed the live stream of day 2, you can catch up on a spectacular recording of it here (Day 1 is at that same link):

Who will you see?

  • Andy Bowers, Panoply’s Chief Content Officer, and a man at the center of the podcasting revolution
  • Howard Lapides, talent manager to Dr. Drew and many others who have made the transition from radio to TV – with some pointed words for radio broadcasters
  • Peter Kafka, Re/code’s Senior Editor/Media on what the digital revolution means for everyone in the audio space
  • Traug Keller of ESPN on the future of ESPN audio
  • Acast’s Sarah van Mosel lays out the present and future of podcasting and what it means for publishers and brands
  • Filmmaker and Tales from Beyond the Pale co-creator Glenn McQuaid explains why this is the new golden age for audio drama
  • And a very special panel of millennials who say, among other things, that having a stand-alone radio at home is equivalent to having a laserdisc player. You have to see that one.

In time, I’ll be publishing the individual Q&A’s and presentations from hivio. For now, the feedback has been amazing, and for that I am grateful.

Thanks for paying attention and for being in the audience, either in person or online.

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