The Future of Radio is at the LA Podcast Festival

lapodcastfestival570 Or at least it could be…if anyone from radio is paying attention.

What is the LA Podcast Festival? It’s a fan appreciation event packed with live performances from the biggest names in comedy podcasts, and it happens October 4-6 in Santa Monica.

You’re going, aren’t you?

Names you’ll know, like Marc Maron, Dana Gould, Jon Lovitz, Kevin PollakAisha Tyler, Greg Fitzsimmons, and many more – doing their podcast thing in front of live audiences over three days.

I talked with comedian/actor/writer and festival co-founder Graham Elwood about the high powered lineup performing at the festival and why it falls under radio’s radar.

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  • Jeff Schmidt

    mmmm ‘fraid not.

    some other radio conference of radio people, none of whom have ever even heard of welcome to nightvale, just concluded that the state of radio is awesome and radio’s brand is “live & local”.

    so, there.

  • Jeff, I just heard about that podcast in the Q&A – hadn’t discovered it before. It’s now added to my list!
    As for “live and local.” Wouldn’t “on demand and amazing” be preferred?

  • Jeff Schmidt

    funny – cuz i only heard about the pod-fest a few weeks ago – from Welcome To Nightvale’s twitter feed. 😉

    there’s a golden age of “audio” entertainment happening online right now. next to none of it follows radio’s well-worn formatics

  • Very true, Jeff!

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