How can Radio be Extraordinary?

If we want our fans to spread the word about our radio brands, why don’t we create content that’s more remarkable to begin with?

After all, people don’t spread the mundane, they spread the extraordinary.

Case and point…this video.

Prefer audio? Try this:

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  • You had me at dog.

  • Thanks Jeff!

  • David Bishop

    Hi Mark, not 100% on topic I suppose but I wanted to share the story about our very own extraordinary dog. Monty (full name Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, I know, I know…) is an about 5 kilogram Jack Russell / Dachshund cross who is absolutely fearless. He will run up to Great Danes, Ridgebacks, Retrievers, it doesn’t matter, and start playing with them. Monty is so extraordinary in this regard that people we meet on our walk, who have no idea what our names are, get down on their haunches and greet him by name.

    Sorry I have not yet contributed a comment on one of your many other posts but I do certainly enjoy checking in and reading them.

  • Thanks for the comment, David!

  • Robin S

    Wonderful analogy. I wish it were that easy to define extraordinary in terms of radio programming and translate it into a show. Of course we apply the coffee-ring theory but being the best you can be does not push you up to the extraordinary level. I know, If it was easy, everyone would do it. It must be magic.

  • Every category has its extraordinary. Being hard makes it all the more scarce and worthwhile.

  • Anonymous

    Doing something remark-able is a lot easier when your intent is to do something that isn’t exactly like what you did yesterday.

  • Surprise is a key element to being remark-able, to be sure, Sean.

    Game of Thrones, anyone?

  • Anonymous

    The remarks I have for Game of Thrones is WTF?!
    Every character I have empathy for on that show dies!
    All we’re left with are all the bad guys, silly little girls and a dragon lady!

  • But what a dragon lady….

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