Local Public Radio: What To Do…

…in a world where the networks you pay for content circumvent you by distributing much of that same content online?

This is a complicated question, but it’s one that branding authority Tom Asacker tackles with me in this highlight from our conversation at the recent Public Radio Program Director’s conference in Las Vegas.

Is it as simple as “more local news” because newspapers are folding (pun intended) all over America?

Oh no it isn’t.  Not nearly.

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You can tune in to our full fifty-minute chat here (it was one of the PRPD’s highlights, I’m proud to say).  There’s lots of value there for broadcasters in general and public radio programmers in particular.  Among our topics:

  • What is a “brand”?
  • What kind of “value” can a radio brand provide?
  • What does “local” mean?
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  • Dave Presher

    It’s a really interesting piece Mark. I have a lot of thoughts about PBS Television News. With Romney’s comments about PBS and Big Bird it opens the door to a longer discussion. I think that PBS National TV news is really important; however because they don’t have to worry about ratings they do a poor job. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s really important and they do have vital intellectual discussions. However without any accountability to ratings they have an inferior product. It is heavily East Coast biased, updated poorly, the look is a few decades behind and the pacing is too slow when the web is available. They need a new Executive Producer, News Director and overall upgrade. They have no incentive to do it and would use money as the excuse. I am against commercials in news; but in their PBS Masterpiece Theatre, other than commercial stations, who would mind some of their money coming from sponsors and commercials.

  • That outta get some comments going, Dave!

    Thanks for your input!

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