Radio Personalities – not Stations – are the “Brands”

Personalities - Not Stations - are the "Brands"

In a content-driven, anything – anytime world, the advantage shifts from radio stations to personalities and the entities that own or license them.

In the long run, fans of radio will be fans of personalities.  And how will those fans seek out those personalities? By the names of their stations – or by the much more direct path:  The name of the personality?

And if consumers are searching by personality name, not by station, then doesn’t the advantage shift to the personality or the owner of that personality’s content?

Radio legend Bill Figenshu talks with me about the future of “branded” radio personalities.

Thanks to technology, personalities (not stations) are at the center of the radio universe.  And those personalities have an opportunity to monetize and power their own brands like never before. Consumers will seek out what they want where and when they want it – on demand.

Get ready.


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  • Brad Samuel

    right on mark. hope all is well in your world.

  • Thanks for the note, Brad!

  • Doug Erickson

    Loved this chat, Mark. Fig is always interesting and almost always right. I hope lots of owners and GMs watch this one.

  • Thanks Doug!

    Mark Ramsey

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  • Thanks for the insight, Mark & Fig.

  • And thank you for the note!

  • Figgie! One of the smartest guys out there!

  • Kim Carson

    Brilliant and you both, I believe, are right on the mark! Problem is so many of the corporate radio stations have only minimum wage dj’s with very little talent and an inability to connect, even with their peers. And there lies the problem. There is very little to be passionate about. You can’t really teach sincerity and listeners can feel it, see it, sense it, hear it and want it. Either the air “personality” has it or they don’t. Why do you think XM/Sirius is growing? For the most part, the radio airwaves are void of entertainment and connection.

  • To the degree that this is true, we had sure better fix the problem! Thanks Kim!
    Mark Ramsey

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