Radio’s Kodak Moment

So Kodak filed for Chapter 11 a few weeks ago – that’s not news.

But are there any lessons for radio to learn from the demise of a venerable institution once thought to be solid as a rock?

Yes and no.  “Radio” may or may not be analogous to Kodak, but you are completely unlike Kodak – and you are radio.


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  • Doug Erickson

    Love this, Mark! 

  • Thanks Doug!

    Mark Ramsey

  • Incredibly motivating, Mark. Thank you for the reminder! 

  • Great comment, Holly! Thank you so much!

  • Rob Green

    a really great set of interviews of Milton Friedman by Phil Donahue that took
    place about 30 years ago. What’s so interesting about these in relation to your
    editorial is all the references to companies that were considered a threat
    because they were “too big.” These included Chrysler, Sears, Kmart,

    I think
    the message is really that companies and industries have to continually
    reinvent themselves and if they don’t they risk perishing. That involves taking
    risk and facing reality. It is difficult but it what radio must to today.

    the first of the series of 5- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1lWk4TCe4U

  • Bert

    The sample used in your intro music — ‘Fate’ by Chaka Khan’s — is certainly telling given the topic of discussion here..;)

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