Can Your AM Station Earn 20X More Than Average?

Barry Leffler says you can.

Barry is CEO of WCHL in Chapel Hill, NC, and Chapelboro.com, WCHL’s community-oriented site which is exploding in revenue and earning WCHL roughly twenty-times what a typical AM station might earn in digital as a percentage of total revenue.

How does Barry do it? And how can you? Those are the questions we cover in this important conversation.


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  • Keef99

    I prefer words I can read.

  • You mean as opposed to video or audio?

    Then you are welcome to download the audio and have it transcribed. People have done that before when the topic is important enough to them and their business.

  • Don Flowers

    Lotsa food for thought here. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the comment, Don!

  • Marshall Such

    Even as an avowed heterosexual male, you guys excited me!  The simplicity and brilliance of the business plan–the logical progression of events–makes me want to work at a radio station again!

  • You’re welcome, Marshall…I think! 🙂

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  • This model is genius. Removing the responsibility of content creation and promotion from the paid staff and offing it onto engaged psuedo-bloggers who have a vested interest in making sure their content is seen by as many people as possible is a great idea. This creates the type of community resource that nearly every small-ish market needs. Great ideas. I hope my station group does something similar and I get to help them do it. 

  • Tell them to – and ask them to let you help. And the virtuous circle will continue to spiral.

    Thanks Ben!

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