What a Radio Brand is Now

What Radio Is Now

Is your radio brand nothing more than the sound emanating from the speakers produced by your tower?

Or is it something much more?

Well, in 2012 and beyond it can be a LOT more. But understanding this requires a new way to think about what a radio brand is and how to leverage it across platforms.

It begins with a definition, because if we don’t understand what we are then we can’t possibly realize our fullest potential.

I boil down my definition in this short video.  Watch:

Prefer audio?  Try this:

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  • Bob Green

    My favorite definition for “branding” (in a general sense) had much to do with the radio of the 502-70s: A PROMISE WRAPPED UP IN AN EXPERIENCE.  The over abundant positioning statements today have neither importance to the listener nor do they follow through with much of an experience.
    Bob Green

  • Great contribution. Thanks Bob!

    Mark Ramsey

  • Great post Mark. I’m keen on this topic – how radio needs to become more of a ubiquitous entertainment brand (in the case of a music station) in a local market place, engaging its fans across platforms. Working to be less defined by the limits of the broadcast medium – “a radio station” – building it out beyond those borders into a broader source of entertainment. On your point about re-purposing, I’m not sure why we don’t see more stations generating exclusive content offered on other social platforms and/or databases as a means to encourage deeper engagement into the brand. Exciting times, and in my case, how can it be properly monetized?

  • Thanks Steve!

    Yes, exciting times indeed.

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