Gordon Borrell on Radio’s “Miserable” Digital Sales Progress

Gordon Borrell is a fan of radio, but not of radio’s performance on the digital sales front.

How are radio’s digital selling efforts different from those of other media platforms? It turns out they differ quite a lot. It’s a sad thing, says Borrell, and radio is on the verge of “blowing it.”

You need to go to the highest level in the organization, says Borrell, to make the investments required to keep radio healthy for the long run.

Watch this conversation with Gordon Borrell.  In it, he explains how radio’s potential is great, but how it’s at risk. He explains how too much short-term thinking makes radio vulnerable to disruptive change. He explains some of the recipes we need to follow to repair the problem, and he showcases some of the broadcasters who are already well on their way.

This is advice both critical and constructive.


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  • Josh

    Gordon Borrell, is a man with answers and an industry treasure. Great interview Mark! 

  • Thanks! I hope this one helps drive some momentum in a positive direction.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Thanks for the interview. 

  • New Radio

    Great, great assesment. In every industry when a disruptive change occurs the pre-existing companies see the train coming but despite the warnings they just can’t get out of the way. Radio, sadly, is proving to be no different.

    Let’s hope Gordon’s spot on words register with at least a few of the many people that need to hear them.

  • I can’t imagine putting it any better than that. Thanks.

  • I hope more of the top level people see this and do more to invest in new technology.

  • Eric Corwin

    Great interview Mark and Gordon.  I particularly like
    the line from Gordon about station’s sales management and reps saying, “why
    would we step over analog dollars for digital dimes,” when referring to
    the idea that stations are “wasting” time selling digital.  The
    reality is that when you reach out for the digital “dimes” of
    today, stations will uncover more leads and consequently more analog
    dollars.  The digital pitch is a great way
    to get an audience with potential advertisers because more SMB’s are keyed into
    speaking in terms of online local business directories, social media and other
    digital solutions.  Many of today’s major
    groups don’t and won’t get this; no surprise. 
    Here lies a great opportunity for those who do.


    Great interview guys!

  • Thanks Eric!

  • Martin Kristiseter

    Great interview — thanks for sharing!

  • Wayne Leland

    Yes FM99 is the great rock station ever!!!

  • michael

    “…this is the attitude of business that are about to fail”….priceless

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