What’s the Future of Radio in Cars?

What will the dashboard look like in the car of the very near future?

And what will radio look like there?

Those are some of the questions addressed by Jake Sigal, founder and principal of Livio Radio, a company committed to getting music from the Internet into peoples’ ears, especially in the car.

A personalized mobile device (and aren’t they all?) will personalize your dashboard, and it will allow you to control your content safely, by touch and by voice.

Where does this leave radio?  What are the advantages (and weaknesses) of radio in an anything, everywhere mobile world?

Watch this short video:

Prefer audio?  Try this:

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  • Dpaulus

    Really interesting video Mark.  I speak in my building a lot that our competion isn’t the country station down the “dial”…it’s the competiton for the dash with everything invlovled.  My question/thought back to you is….until radio breaks away from the arbitron handcuffs as determinate to it’s revenue stream, I’m not sure any of this matters.  In my market, the female 25-54 population is 338,900 people.  Last month the avg weekly PPM was 221.  221 PPM’s measuring and  represetning 338,000 people.     

    So I ask….how can we get broadcasters to care about this when they/we judge their succcess on THIS dynamic? I’d love your thoughts 


  • If ARB is the only metric then radio will go down with the ship.

    But folks like you and me would rather not Captain the Titanic when there are lifeboats aplenty on the deck.

    Radio has tons of potential but none of it is in the rear-view mirror.

    Thanks Dave!

  • Scott

    “you don’t leave a wedding because of a song they are playing and go the next wedding”

    Love it!

  • I know, isn’t that a great line?

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