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Pandora is Moving on Local Radio Revenue. Everybody Freak Out!

Pandora's chasing local ad dollars.  Everybody freak out! I know and like Pandora critic Mary Beth Garber, but it's time for the critics to take a chill pill. Yes, Pandora is aiming for radio's local ad dollars.  Yes, traditional broadcasters should meet this challenge.  Yes, radio has lots in its favor compared to Pandora (and vice versa).  But the critics are bent on convincing the market that Pandora is not radio and radio is not Pandora. Because if Pandora is not radio, then buyers will not substitute ad dollars on radio for ad dollars on Pandora (even if listeners do exactly that with … [Read more...]

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Creative Solutions for Radio Clients without Breaking the Bank

Sometimes the only thing standing between your radio brand and a new client is the right creative on the right platform.  Cash by Creative is built to solve that problem, according to CbC CEO Yaman Coskun. Having facilitated millions of dollars in new revenue for CBS Radio, CbC is now available to all broadcasters.  I'm no expert in selling solutions but this sure seems like a good idea to me. Cash by Creative has rich resource for customizable spec creative for almost any direct client category you can think of, and - most importantly - they have it in cross-platform flavors. Never … [Read more...]

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An FM Chip in a Mobile Phone isn’t “Me”

Will FM radio ever end up pre-installed in mobile phones in the US? I doubt it, because consumers aren't asking for radio to be built into their mobile phones (and here's a full overview of the issue). But what's more interesting to me is that radio industry leaders keep driving for this, obsessively wishing and hoping and planning for it. Why is that more interesting to me?  Because it's not only deaf to what consumers are asking for, it's blind to the direction of consumer trends. Consider these facts: Major broadcasters are pushing a strategy to implant FM chips in mobile … [Read more...]

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What Makes Radio Matter

So the other day I was in Barnes & Noble for the first time in a long time.  What a revelation! Where are the DVD's?!  Gone!  And the music?  Gone!  Both replaced by a wide variety of "learning toys."  Meanwhile the "Nook" section was expanded and moved to the center of the store, complete with ultra-contemporary Apple-like design aesthetic. Remember when the bookstore sold books (and music and movies)?  That was back when B&N competed against my dearly departed Borders, the bookseller that once subcontracted their online store to a little company called Amazon. As I looked … [Read more...]

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How to Build an Authentically Great Radio Brand

What is a "lifestyle brand"? A "lifestyle brand" is your radio brand.  Even if we too often perceive it as nothing more than a "playlist with ornaments."  Twist the music mix, add some imaging and some liners, and voila!  Radio brand! Not so, says Sean Gailey, and he's one to know. Sean is "Creative Overlord" (don't you love that title?) of JINX, a clothing and lifestyle brand built around self-described "geeks and gamers." Sean spends every day balancing the growth of his brand with the core values on which that growth depends.  Watch the way he talks about the decisions he makes … [Read more...]

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Is Radio a Content-Creator or a Distribution Channel?

Many readers know that one of my regular themes is the relationship between radio as content creator vs. radio as distribution channel. While radio retains massive reach there's no question that the attention enabled by that reach is fraying and dispersing.  I'll share some statistics on this point in some later post, but for now suffice it to say that in a world of many meaningful alternatives to radio, attention is following choice - and ultimately advertising dollars will follow attention. So what are the consequences of this? When choice proliferates and consumers embrace those … [Read more...]

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What’s Radio’s Future? That’s the Wrong Question

What's going to happen to radio in the future? That's what everybody wants to know, and it's the wrong question. Here's a better one:  How do broadcasters leverage the relationships we have between our consumers and our clients mediated in our presence or, as I like to put it, our "sandbox"? Do our brands need a regularly updated website or a mobile app?  Again, the wrong questions. It's not about the fads you should follow, it's about what business you are in and how to maximize that business. What follows is a really good interview with me recorded just prior to my … [Read more...]

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Conquering Fear in Fast-Changing Times

In today's wild world of broadcasting, challenges and fears are around every corner. How do we battle those fears and challenges, given that they are an inescapable part of the innovation process? How do we follow our passions and make a difference within our organizations in a time of such turbulent change while facing these fears head-on? That's why I talked to Ishita Gupta.  Ishita knows a thing or two about innovation and fear. She is founder of the terrific online magazine Fear.less and the head of Media and Hoopla for Seth Godin's Domino Project. Watch this short … [Read more...]

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