Does your Radio Brand need a “Content Director”?

Media brands the world over are reconceptualizing the old-fashioned role of the “program director” into something entirely new, the “content director.”

This is not simply a change in labels, as I explain in the video below, but a major change in responsibility and in the aspiration of the one-time radio-only brand across its various platforms.  Indeed, it may be that some folks who qualify to be “program director” don’t measure up to the challenge of “content director.”

One of the facts of life in our evolving media age is that the corners of our “box” are changing – they’re getting fuzzy.  And managers and leaders who can navigate those fuzzy borders to exploit new opportunities will rise to the top of the radio food chain.

It strikes me as curious that this new title and its commensurate responsibilities are much more likely to exist outside the US than within it.  What does that tell us?

Check out this video to see what a “content director” is and why you need one.

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  • KJ

    Yes, some countries are a fair step ahead of the US when it comes to radio. It may help that many of us keep a close eye on the US just so we don’t ‘step’ in the same doo-doo.

  • Geoffmwalsh

    lol..Mark, this is another great video! I can’t say how much I admire your views on this great industry. And might I add; I like seeing you get tough in these recent videos! Keep it up man!

  • Hey thanks Geoff. Plenty more to come. I have a Halloween-themed one I’m particularly happy with 🙂

  • Who can blame you? Thanks for the note, KJ.

  • Buzz Brindle

    Although “program director” was the job title, I was trained to think of the position’s responsibilities more like a brand manager ( or content director). The PD was responsible for everything the listener/consumer/general public heard, read, or saw which related to the radio station including logo design, print/billboard campaigns, TV spots, press releases, etc. along with the actual on-air product and music industry relationships. Unfortunately, most of the GMs I encountered tended to view my approach as overreaching my area of authority and were more comfortable with PDs who thought of themselves as chief disk jockeys/music directors. With the convergences that we’re experiencing, that mentality is doomed to failure.

  • Lee Cornell

    Hey Mark! Been busy working on unique content for a group (outside the U.S.!) and just caught up with your bit. Exactly… And Craig and the SCA team; among others off-shore; have been thinking and doing it this way for years. 

  • Yep. I know this isn’t news – except to some. Thanks Lee!

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