4 Ways to Improve Your Station’s Website

Here  are four key things that will instantly improve your station’s website:

  1. Stuff that’s compelling (no, I mean compelling)
  2. Bite-size content
  3. Content that’s easy to share
  4. Track back to the platform

And by “improve” I mean make it more relevant, more popular, more effective, and ultimately more profitable, directly or indirectly.

Watch this short video where I explain all four in more detail:

Prefer audio?  Try this:

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  • Bobbyg

    Sheesh-Vimeo. That site NEVER works.Why don’t you just bite the bullet, compress the video yourself with either QuickTime Pro or Squeeze, upload them to your server and learn how to do a prop[er Embed. Use JWPlayer if you need to make it easy and cross-browser/cross-platform/cross-device. Vimeo sucks-always.

  • Not sure what your problem is here, can you clarify?

    I have tested in both Safari and Firefox and it works just fine – always has.

  • Troy

    Buffer City when I try to play it off Vimeo.  I’ll just grab the audio link and download it. Thanks for what you do Mark!

  • AOK thanks!

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