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Who cares about “Total Audience Measurement”?

"Total Audience Measurement" (TAM).  That's Arbitron's term for their in-the-works scheme to count your listeners on whatever platform they're listening to your station (on radio or online) all in one tidy report. I've been thinking a lot about TAM lately, and the closer I look the more questions I have about this latest initiative from our friends in Columbia who have profiting hand over fist from the radio industry even as that industry itself continues to struggle. What problem does "Total Audience Measurement" solve? Presumably the problem is that traditional ratings fail to … [Read more...]

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A Halloween Tale for Radio Brands

As Halloween approaches it's time to gather round the fireplace for spooky stories, and if one of those stories contains a useful lesson for broadcasters and other marketers, so be it. That's the case with this particular story spun from the spirit of the season, and a ghostly spirit it is. Watch this short video for the sage marketing advice of one particular horror legend. [iframe 500 281] Prefer audio?  Try this: [audio:] Download … [Read more...]

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What’s Wrong with Radio Advertising?

What's the biggest problem with radio advertising? It's that everybody in the message pipeline - from advertiser to broadcaster to listener - views commercial spots as negatives. How else to explain the silly reaction of Kroger's agency to the term "commercial-free."  It shines a negative light on the messaging, they argue, even as they (and we) go out of their way to create messaging that deserves that negative light. How to explain that Pandora will run spots - unless you "upgrade" to a "premium" tier for a fee, where the first and most important benefit is "no ads"? In other words, … [Read more...]

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Is Social Media a Bust for Radio?

Here are the results of an unscientific and thus unrepresentative (but still revealing) poll from Inside Radio: Half say social networks a revenue-building bust. Facebook is fun and Twitter is a 140-character soapbox but when it comes to making money or contacts, half of Inside Radio readers say social networks haven’t done a thing to advance their career or promote their station. One person tells us, “Social networks, however necessary to what we now do, are an incredible time-waster.” Lots of people said that while they’re on it, they’re not really sure why — or whether it’s doing much … [Read more...]

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Radio’s Crisis of “Why”

The best brands in any category generally exist for a reason - a good reason. A reason that matters - deeply - to the consumers, patrons, and fans of that brand. What's yours?  What's your "good reason"?  What's your "why"? Why does your station exist? Why should your audience care? Why do you come to work every day? Too many broadcasters have a "crisis of why," settling on uninspiring business goals that could characterize Dunder Mifflin as easily as any brand which deserves to aspire for more. If your "why" is to get ratings or to make budget or get a 4.0 share, that's a thin … [Read more...]

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Is Cost-Per-Point the Enemy of Radio Innovation?

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Kaihaan Jamshidi, the Director of Strategy for Method, a brand experience, design, and innovation company and works with major companies like Nordstrom, Time Warner, AOL, TED, and many more. Today we get deeper into the future of advertising on radio, and why the antiquated notion of media buying is an obstacle to innovation. What follows is a highly edited version of our chat.  Click below for Part 2 of the complete (and fascinating) interview. [iframe 500 281] Prefer … [Read more...]

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How to Innovate the Radio Experience

Kaihaan Jamshidi is the Director of Strategy for Method, a brand experience, design, and innovation company and works with major companies like Nordstrom, Time Warner, AOL, TED, and many more. What happens when a specialist in brand experience and innovation looks under radio’s hood?  That's the question I set out to answer in this first of a two-part conversation (Part 2 will post tomorrow). Today we look at innovating the radio experience.  Tomorrow we get deeper into the future of advertising on radio, and why the antiquated notion of media buying is an obstacle to innovation. What … [Read more...]

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Technology (and Media) After Steve

One of the lasting gifts of technology in general and Steve Jobs and Apple in particular is not the technology itself but what that technology allows us to do. I don't just mean what "problems" the technology can solve.  Nor do I only mean what tasks that technology allows us to complete - its function in the world. While technology does put the proverbial power in the hands of the people to unsettle and disrupt one mature and profitable mega-industry after another, it does something else today - something important: It lets us express who we are and thus be more of who we want to … [Read more...]

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