Radio’s Nu Marketing Voodoo

“Pray and spray” is rarely the most effective form of marketing.

How can you target potential station listeners across platforms (mail and digital) using ingredients that are personalized to the individual on the other side of that marketing outreach?

Not personalized by format or by neighborhood or PRIZM code, but personalized to you?

Carolyn Gilbert, Mike O’Connor, and their new marketing company nuvoodoo have one answer.

Watch this video and we’ll walk you through what’s wrong with conventional marketing for radio stations and what’s new about this marketing voodoo:

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  • What’s the lift in results compared to traditional direct mail? 

  • Paulmeacham

      Truly this is voodoo.. 😉  Not one word about the people who really count and actually the only ones who count and that is survey friendly people who will carry a meter or fill out a diary. Radio direct marketers for years have never really understood the game, you create a profile of survey friendly folks in the hot zips and go after them, it worked for my over 150 major and medium market radio clients for 20 years who spent millions of dollars with me, and it still works. Using the “cute little ” PRIZM groups within the hot zips that have been shown to be survey friendly in a market is still the best way to target. simple logic…I have always preached successfully I might add, that if everyone in your market listened to you except the people who fill out diaries or carry a meter you lose. Go after the people who count why waste your money and efforts on the masses, we know who they are and how to reach them. 

  • Carolyn Gilbert

    Of course!  You START with the people who really count.  That is the old — and worthy — voodoo that we’ve been focusing on for a long time.  Actually, the meter-friendly universe is about 2% of the population.  The NuVoodoo is the ability to target within those groups, down to the household, far beyond the Prizm cluster (How many 75 year olds still own the house in “Kids ‘n Cul de Sacs” and how will they influence a CHR’s ratings?  Do you want to mail to them?).  And when we know more about them, we can specifically target individual mail pieces (art and all) to them and their lifestyles.  We have 3 seconds to grab ’em.  The odds go up when we relate to what’s going on in their lives. 

    The databases have been available for awhile, but prohibitively expensive.  The ability to print the way we’re doing it is unique, and the results are dramatic.

    Yes Paul — of course you’re right!  Go for the meter-vulnerable universe.  And then focus even more precisely and more efficiently. 

    Thanks for helping to clarify that point.

  • This is a great question, and I should have asked it.

    I was told there were success stories to report, pending permission from certain clients.  

    Carolyn, I yield to you on this answer.

  • Paulmeacham123

    of course the design of the mail piece and copy is critical it must be targeted to the audience and to do that you must have at the least a good idea of who you are talking (mailing ) to. please explain how many different pieces and copy within  a mailing you can do in each campaign. This is very interesting and I know because we did it a long time ago that you can change copy in the pieces during a run, in other words personalize it but how many variations would you do in a mailing. You cannot know to many details about every individual you are mailing . Right ? Am I making my question clear? I am not asking you to give away secrets, I am no longer a competitor just interested in all the new ways of targeting .

  • Mike

    Paul.  You’re right about the art, copy, and campaign concept.   Our clients pre-test their ideas with a group of 400 respondents before launching. It doesn’t cost much when one compares it to the cost of the campaign itself. So research partly drves  the way each direct mail piece varies from one household to the other.   In addition,  we analyze the client’s database and append it it with data flags from Axciom.   Then our client makes decisions about how best to segment the audience in a meaningful way based on the marketing plan and campaign concept..  There are 175 data flags to choose from.  Once the targeting and creative decisions are made,  we mail to households that fit the targeting criteria in top the top quin tile zip codes and vary the creative based on the data flags and research   In practice, our clients are generally selecting around 4 – 6 different art designs with unlimited text and  personalization variables.  But honestly,  with an appropriate template and graphics/picture library,  all of the content variables could be mixed and matched so that no two direct mail pieces are alike.   As long as we’re printing at the same time,  we can even execute campaigns for multiple stations in a cluster, with mail varying by station, then again by audience segment.  I’m glad to give you a helicopter tour.  You clearly get it, and I could probably learn a lot by having a conversation with you.  Please get in touch with me at Mike@nuvodoo.com and let me run you through a demo.