Talent Coach Valerie Geller goes “Beyond Powerful Radio” – Part 2

I’m a firm believer in the notion that what’s between what used to be called “records” is what’s most important for radio’s future over the air.

That means “personality.”

And nobody knows more about bringing the best out of a personality than Consultant and Talent Coach Valerie Geller, whose new book, Beyond Powerful Radio is available now.

In this final chapter of my two-part conversation with Valerie we discuss:

  • Is great radio talent born or made?
  • How do you discover new talent – how do you know it when you find it?
  • How do you nurture talent?
  • Why doesn’t talent get more respect?

Watch this:

Missed the first chapter?  Find it here, along with an audio version of the whole conversation.

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  • Who is the person that Valerie is talking about who is making almost 7 figures with their podcast? I would love to listen to their content.

  • Valerie is welcome to respond.

    But your question is missing the larger point. That it’s not just about the content but about the relationship that strong talent has with both audiences and advertisers. Those relationships, once established, are mobile.

    So the content, from your perspective and mine, is beside the point.

  • Joy Hall

    Mark, I have not been able to access Part 2 of Valerie’s presentation.

  • Really? It’s working fine for me, Joy! Try searching through iTunes and you can download it. Or through blip.tv.

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