Talent Coach Valerie Geller goes “Beyond Powerful Radio” – Part 1

Personality is central to radio’s advantage over other media now and into the future.

So how can you find (and be) a better one?

Those answers and more are in Consultant and Talent Coach Valerie Geller’s new book, Beyond Powerful Radio (at Amazon here).

In part one of my two-part conversation with Valerie we discuss:

  • How do you create powerful radio via compelling personality?
  • How do you avoid being boring?
  • What are listeners really interested in?
  • What are the most common mistakes the talent makes?
  • What’s the first thing an on-air talent should do to improve?

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  • Lwalters

    I love the way Valerie speaks!  She presents the information in a way everyone can understand.  This was a wonderful piece on Ms. Geller’s new book.  

  • And there’s a Part 2 to come!

    Thanks for the nice words!

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  • Surfbro

    What a joke. This is an expert? WoW! One on one, Informative and entertaining, etc. Gee, never heard that before! Fantastic! Genius!

    The problem is THERE ARE VERY VERY VERY FEW IN THIS INDUSTRY WHO CAN RECOGNIZE TALENT. The result is a severe, (duh) lack of Talent! C’mon people, get to the real issue and stop the time worn  dribble. Mark, these mindless interviews are  like listening to people fresh out of broadcasting school. Pick up your game bro.

  • You’re welcome.

    Go read someone else’s blog.

  • Valerie isn’t saying anything new or what we don’t know already, true. However the real problem is in most cases what Valerie is saying isn’t being taught anymore.

    Good thing Valerie is saying it and Mark is putting it out there, because some young jock is going to watch this and it may be the first time he/she has ever heard this.

    Talent isn’t being coached anymore

    David Caudillo

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