A New Solution to Power Local Advertising for Radio

How much potential radio revenue is left on the table in your market?

What if radio were less scary or complicated to buy for small- and medium-sized businesses?  Especially for those small- and medium-sized businesses which are comfortable with the kind of self-serve advertising platforms popularized by folks like Google and Facebook?

That’s where The Media Dash and their new product, The Media Dash Local, comes in:

The Media Dash Local, which provides an easy way for small- and mid-sized businesses to buy advertising on local radio stations and helps broadcasters sell premium on-air and streaming commercials.

The Media Dash Local allows broadcasters to upload their premium inventory and other offerings, including station appearances, morning drive contests, event tickets, audio streaming and more. They can then customize their campaign start and end dates, length of spots, day parts and rates on the platform.

Advertisers can develop a campaign by visiting their local market’s website and answering a few simple questions about what kind of company they are (apparel, home improvement, etc.), their location and timing of the campaign. They are then provided with a number of campaign options to choose from that fit these specifications and after selecting a campaign can either upload their commercial or work with The Media Dash to produce a commercial at no charge.

Check out this video illustration as Erin Collier, Executive Vice President, Director of Account Strategy at The Media Dash, walks me through the platform as I ask her all the questions that matter.

Prefer audio?  Try this:

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  • Steve Hammond

    Pretty cool, but who's protecting the advertiser from themselves, especially the small business owner in…lets say… Colorado who knows their business inside and out but not a clue on how to use the radio effectively.
    Bad scheduling, not enough frequency, “free parking, family owned, been in business for 25 years” creative etc..etc..
    Who consults with these small business owners to ensure they're doing a good job with their radio so they see some results. How do we avoid “I tried 'mail order' radio and it didn't work? I feel this is especially important for the local small business owner who are the ones that need the help. Let your regional or national buyers use this tool because they don't need the help. With some tweaks to the platform that integrate recent books, and cpp parameters; this is a perfect tool for the commodity buyer.

    Just food for thought…
    Steve in Edmonton, Alberta

  • Good questions. Let's let the Media Dash folks jump into the conversation and answer.

  • Erin

    Excellent points, Steve.  Guiding local advertisers is a key component to our platform and customer service via live chat and phone is only a click away.  Our broadcast partners populate the site with schedules that are effective and can deliver results for small businesses. Additionally, the Impact Score evaluates the performance of a schedule in conjunction with the demographic profile of the Advertiser's customer.  Also, without a good commercial even the best radio campaign can fail.   We are providing, for free, professional copy writing and production of radio commercials to ensure a high quality product.

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