Your Radio Station is Not Different Enough

There’s differentiation – and then there’s meaningful differentiation.  Real differentiation.

Most of what passes for differentiation in radio (or on the supermarket shelf, for that matter) is not differentiation at all. Rather, these are shades of sameness.  And in the eyes (and ears) of consumers the stark differences that mean so much to you and me are invisible (and inaudible).

So how do you create not just difference but meaningful difference?

Watch this video and find out.

Prefer audio?  Try this:

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This clip – and others I will be sharing – are from my recent keynote session at the 2011 National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville.

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  • Mark, I've been following your stuff for a little while now, and that by far is my favorite little clip so far. I want my station to be a sandbox and I want our listeners to build castles with each other. Thank you.

  • Luisa

    “You are the sandbox, let them play in your presence.” What a great analogy for meaningful radio.

  • Mark, I work in Christian radio and I am excited about digital radio marketing. You have become my mentor. I love your analogies, they communicate!

  • I'm glad you caught that! It's way more important a thought than most folks realize.

  • Thanks so much!

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