Pandora now “built in” to all 2011 BMW vehicles

Pandora is now available on all model year 2011 BMW vehicles – and it’s operated with the existing, familiar BMW controls.

In other words, once you bring Pandora to your car via your mobile device, the user experience is integrated with the one you are already familiar with.  No awkward iPhone manipulations required.  And that moves it even closer to an easy dash-driven radio-like experience.

Needless to say, anything that makes Pandora work like radio increases the ability to substitute Pandora for radio. Ease of use (and ownership of the car) is, obviously, a key strength of radio overall.

Here’s a thorough walk-through of Pandora and other BMW apps (including their streaming radio app):

So what does this mean to you?

It means that broadcasters need to see the car for what it is:  A digital lifestyle accessory.

What are you doing to hold the interest and usage of audiences in that place? How do you fit into the consumer’s mobile digital lifestyle?

Maybe it’s with unique and exclusive content.  Maybe it’s with digital bells and whistles that make your content sing.

It’s not with the same old same old.

And no number of debates about FM on mobile phones will solve this problem for you.

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  • roysand

    Most drivers will use the old AM/FM/DAB+ radio, course it's in the car radio as standard and listen to the local radio.

  • When I double the number of items in my store, you won't stop buying your staples. But you will buy less of them as you experiment with other items.

  • MikeSakellarides

    Your pictures show posts being displayed on a dashboard. I'm very concerned about drivers who are reading posts while moving. I'm very concerned for public safety. The streets and freeways of L.A. abound with collisions from inattention every day. Is this much attention to a display 'legal?' I must agree to a legal disclaimer just to use the 'map' in my 2007 Lexus. I hope everyone agrees that playing with Pandora or any other device is not worth a single life. Just sign me 'keep your eyes on the road.'

  • Interesting. Looks like a smartphone is required, and the big idea here is a good car-like interface.

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