The “One Thing” your Radio Station Needs

There’s this assumption out there that if you make every second of your station great, that’s what it takes to bring in the listeners by the boat-load.

But do listeners come to you because they love every minute of you?  Or do they come for specific things?

I submit to you that everybody has at least “one thing” that invites them to come back to their favorite stations again and again.  Remember, reducing tune-out by stripping out distractions is a noble goal, but there’s a manifest difference between keeping people tuned in and getting them back once they’ve tuned away, as they invariably will.

How do you get listeners back?

With the “one thing.”

Watch this video for the full story.

Prefer audio?  Try this:

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  • Dick Taylor

    Mark, this story reminds me of the time that WABC morning personality Harry Harrison was named funniest radio personality in New York City. Harry laughed when he heard the news and remarked, “but I only tell ONE joke a day.” And interestingly enough it was every morning at 7:30am. But that consistency and predictability was one of the things he became known for and was, I'm sure, ONE THING that WABC listeners tuned in to hear. -Dick Taylor

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  • Thanks for the great comment, Dick!

  • Jsterin

    antother gem Mark..thank you!

    would like to speak with you before iMA in Austin. when can we speak?


  • Thanks Jay!

    I'm in the office again at the top of the week. Ring me then!

  • Excellent post. The one thing idea is not only for the radio. It's for everything we do

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  • George Jordan

    Great advice. Working it on my stations. Thanks.

  • It really makes you take a step back and re-think your whole concept…MMMMM!

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