7 Ways the Average Broadcaster is like “The Walking Dead”

There’s a lot to learn from a zombie.

And even more to learn from a hit TV series on AMC which is all about survival in a world full of the walking dead.

Watch as I lay out the 7 ways the average radio broadcaster is like The Walking Dead.

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And if you can dream up any more ways the average broadcaster resembles The Walking Dead, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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  • Bill Weston

    The message at the very end helped redeem the “you people are idiots” nature of the headline of today's blog.

  • Gosh Bill, I thought I stressed “average” pretty clearly. There are lots of heroes out there. We need more. No redemption required, I think.

    Mark Ramsey

  • Keith

    Mark, I think you should have a drink before you do ALL of your videos…

  • I think that's a compliment, so I'll take it.

    Every video is preceded and followed by abundant quantities of coffee.

  • Richard Clifford

    Not only have America's commercial broadcasters become like the Walking Dead; most of the NPR stations, especially those that have thrown away freeform radio for “homogenized” formats, have become like them! I know of one public radio station which went from “folk and roots” to becoming a Triple A format! Triple Asswipe, I call 'em!

  • makemeregisternot

    This doesn't apply just to commercial broadcasters; NPR's behemoth stations are like the Walking Dead. Or in this case, the Comet Empire(of Star Blazers fame). Whenever it sees a freeform radio station that they can add to their network, they ruthlessly conquer it by destroying their “freeform” formats, throwing out volunteer disc jockeys and putting in homogenized formats with consultants and paid professionals who don't know what the station's about. Or if it's of no value, they shut it down.

  • newbie

    Being a young fresh mind into the industry I have found that “change” is almost a swear word. I also love your point about how 'The Walking Dead' look to eachother for what to do next – So True…. We should be looking to our listeners, its amazing how many great ideas they have. It's just a pity most of them get put into the 'Too Hard Basket'.

    Wayne Gretzky was right when he said…”You miss 100% of the shots you don't take”. Radio needs to start taking more shots, maybe we will start scoring some goals.

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