The Future of News/Talk Radio

Last week I was honored to be part of a panel at Al Peterson’s NTS MediaOnline Talk Show Boot Camp in Marina Del Rey.

The topic was, as ever, the future.  In this case the future of News/Talk radio.

Besides me, the panel also featured¬†D: All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher, Sound Mind LLC’s Brian Glicklich, and Paragon Research’s Mike Henry. Erica Farber was our fabulous and able moderator.

This audio is the full session, including Q&A (I was holding the mic so that explains why the fidelity is biased in my direction).

Important listening for all in the News/Talk space.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Thanks to Al and Erica for making me a part of this session!

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  • Al

    Thanks for being with us Mark — your contributions were, as always, insightful and well worth hearing by our attendees. Really good buzz and feedback on the session, thanks again for your participation and help in making TMC/TSBC a huge success!

  • A great pleasure, Al!

  • Chuck Armstrong

    This is GREAT stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks Chuck! Glad you enjoyed!

  • WadeCollins

    You did a great job. Kara Swisher on the other hand was smug and sarcastic. A legend in her own mind I am sure.

  • Johnford

    so much fud here.

    how many radio's do the yout' have? Kara says “none, a smart phone” fud. bet the have at least on in their car. wanna bet cash they have more radio sets than phone and computer's combined?

    the fasting growing segment of facebook is old farts. 55 plus grew 922.7% youth oriented my foot!


    “insert the future into the present” what does this mean? someone diagram this statement for me? In what world does this sentence have any meaning at all? no wonder we can't communicate.

    ecosystems, spoken word, platform, content.. whatever happened to “entertainment?”

    Outside of Mark, everything else here was just buzzwordium drivel.

  • I'm lucky to have escaped your wrath!

    Yes it it all too tempting to “pile on” rhetorical points and go all overzealous on the truth. And I do think some of that was happening. I, for example, would never argue that 20-year-olds don't have at least one radio – however I would certainly argue that they will never have eight!

    Not sure who said “insert the future into the present.” That is somewhat dense, huh?

    I don't agree that this session was (including or excluding me) valueless. And I think many points were made from a forward-looking perspective that naggingly keeps becoming more and more relevant.

  • Mark –

    Thank you for making this audio available. Is there a way you can make it downloadable as well? I'd like to listen to it in my car.


  • Russ, thanks for asking. You can pick up all the audio as they post at iTunes here:


    And here's a direct link to that specific audio:


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