“News/Talk is Too Narrow”

So says David Hall, one of the best known names in the Talk Radio business.

And David doesn’t just mean that it’s too Conservative.  He also means that the political dimension of Talk Radio is simply too thin to support every “spoken word” station in America, and I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing with that.

Where is the new talent?  Where are the broadcasters who are taking risks?  Where are the experiments?

David and I have a wide-ranging conversation about the prospects for News/Talk, and what might happen if things don’t change.  Hint:  It might get ugly.

Watch the video here:

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  • Johnford

    Good interview. It should shock no one that the death of weekend programming is on the top of Mr. Hall's list. Yea, we sold the farm to penis pump doctors, real estate agents and car dealerships. The blogosphere is a natural place to look for talent, but where to put them? “Well, we got a two hour slot between the used car show and the podiatry hour, let me talk to sales to see if it's available.” Of course we've blown off the listeners with sales drivel on the weekend, so good luck driving calls. Not to mention we can't pay him/her anything. How do you get good at doing something? Here's an obvious secret: You do it… over and over again. A great guitar player sits home alone in the dark night after night PRACTICING! You get good by doing. Look at all the “great” talent on the air, they got good by doing it day after day, year after year and with direction. Everyone knows this. The small/medium markets to learn the craft are all just relay stations. And the smart programmers/talent guys in the big markets are saddled with also ran weekends on the bird and/or block infomercials. It really is a damn dirty shame. There is “talent” everywhere, but nowhere to forge them. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

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