Simulcast your Spots on Radio and Online? Don’t.

Plenty of broadcasters are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to simulcast their radio stations over their online streams, including 100 percent of their over-the-air spots.

Right now, some sticky AFTRA rules preclude this for the most part.

If we’re lucky, the thinking goes, the stream will add to the over-the-air credit and we’ll be rewarded with a bounty at ratings time.

This thinking is not only wrong, it’s short-sighted and hazardous.

The odds are very much against any more than a chance tick in the Arbitron ratings thanks to the stream.  Besides, if our philosophy is to use simulcasts to spiff our ratings, then why not open a hundred streams, all simulcast? Think of the ratings bonanza!

The reason why this thinking is hazardous – besides the sheer odds against it paying off in the ratings – is because of the huge potential revenue pool which will be surrendered.  Surrendered to digital or pure-play online radio alternatives.  Surrendered to an industry which is not radio.  Needlessly.

What am I talking about?  Just tune in to this conversation with AndoMedia Group’s COO Paul Krasinski (it’s the second in my two-part conversation – here’s part one).

Online radio is an opportunity for new approaches, new content streams, new selling strategies.  Online radio is not “radio” – it’s different from radio.

And it’s fruit is yours for the picking.

Or not.

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  • Bob Wood

    Streaming 'the station' intact is like a 1970 operator saying “Let's put the AM on this new FM too.”

    The issue is as much the lack of commitment on the corp level as it is the stretched PDs who likely already 'do' two stations plus an airshift.

    A forward-thinking company would be best served by creating their own 'skunk works' of programmers and talent to create and breathe life into these branded stream opportunities. What a great collaboration THAT would be – and how exciting for those lost in the world of multi-multi tasked humdrum.

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