The Power of Social Media finally comes to Radio

Janrain is one of a new breed of companies out to help brands like yours leverage social media to dramatically increase consumer engagement, spike site registration with a proverbial flip of a switch, and transform your consumers into brand ambassadors.  Your consumers spread your messages – with all the authenticity and authority and effectiveness that you don’t possess otherwise.

This type of service is, in other words, a very big deal.

I’ve been talking about social media a lot lately not only because radio as an industry is so horribly deficient in this area in general, but also because it represents a vast opportunity for us all.  And it’s one that’s well within reach.

Watch this conversation with Janrain CEO Brian Kissel and see if all the pieces don’t start fitting together in your mind.  The fix is within your grasp.  Go for it.

Janrain works for a slew of major brands and media companies ranging from Fox News to Kodak to National Geographic to Universal Music.  And now they work for radio.

What do these mega-brands know that you don’t?

Find out in this video.

This topic is easily one of the most important you’ll read about and view in 2010, so give it the attention it’s due.

Prefer the audio-only version?  Here it is:

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  • Malek Ali

    Neat. I am suspicious however of giving my FB or Google ID and password to a third party site, did Brian find this to be a barrier at all?

  • Great question. Brian, can you answer?

  • briankissel

    That's the wonderful thing about OpenID and OAuth, the consumer/customer never shares their credentials with the website directly, only with the ID provider. You login directly with Google or Facbook, then Google or Facebook shares a secure cryptographic token with the website, not the password the consumer used at Google or Facebook. This makes it a much more secure transaction for the consumer.

  • Yes, as Brian says, we need to keep in mind that the whole point of this is to achieve registration without necessitating a password or any other heavy lifting which is more than a click or two away.

  • Chuck WMMR

    i've loved these last 2 especially Mark! Keep the great stuff coming!
    chuck – wmmr philly.

  • Thanks Chuck!

  • Malek ali

    Thanks Brian, Mark. I guess the trick is to make what you said explicit on our website. An example. Mark’s Disqus’ powered blog allows me to log in with my twitter account. I tried, but was scared off by a question which went along the lines of: disqus is trying to access your data on Twitter. Make sure you trust this application.

    Mark knows disqus, but i really have no clue. So my instinct was to deny disqus access. That trust has not been built up yet.

    Another issue. Being a talk station, info on listener program and interests and preferences is a critical piece of data for us, and we will still need to capture this data, whether at the registration point or elsewhere.

  • Disqus is a common app used across the net. But I understand your point.

    The truth is that the vast majority of folks click through these speed bumps, which are much less bumpy than complicated registration mechanisms. It’s the difference between the database your station might have now and the 60 million registered names that Pandora has. This is our only way to get there.

    Gathering listener info can (and should) be done after fans have already given you permission to connect with them, so I don’t see any obstacle.

    You make a larger point without knowing it: Radio is not a technology forward industry. Nor is it one where commenters like to be identified. For that reason I expect fewer comments than I used to get. But better ones from more tuned-in people – like you.

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