Let’s Cut the Crap: Radio starts with People and Content

If you've been waiting for a major broadcaster to say what everyone in any wing of the entertainment industry knows – that entertainment media begin and end with people and content – then get ready for a treat.

It's time to talk back to the bean-counters.  It's time to remind your lenders that the only reason you're worth lending to is because audiences – real people – care about and connect with the people behind your mics and the content that wraps around them.

This is not simply about how to excel at PPM.  It's about how to excel as brands worth loving over the long run, no matter how the audience is measured.

Craig Bruce is content head for Austereo – one of Australia's leading broadcasters, and he is on an expedition to listen.

To you.  

And he is not psyched about what he's hearing.  

Tune in to this video conversation and see for yourself.

If you want just the audio, then click here.

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Craig and Austereo are embracing the primacy of content – across all platforms.  They're using streams as brand extensions, not simply as re-purposing opportunities for over-the-air content.  They're obsessed with innovation and the need to innovate.  They no longer have a thing called the "program director."

There's a lot you can learn from Craig.


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  • I have just one question for Craig.

  • Exactly the right question.

  • I want work for that guy! Loved the interview Mark (and the new intro).

  • Chris Baker

    Here’s what is holding American radio back from doing exactly that: inbreeding. Seriously, when you’ve only been brought up in the ways of radio, you can never see outside that box. His example of the Hamish and Andy guys, they didn’t come from radio. We need to look for talent outside of the ability to read the time and temp and announce stax of wax wednesdays…find talent outside of the “radio” world. Tough thing is, not too many creative, talented people want to get involved in radio nowadays in whatever form it may take. Some company needs to stand up and announce, “we don’t do radio alone anymore”. I love the title change to content director.

  • George

    Sounds like you’re talking about NPR. What did their CEO just say? “We’re not National Public RADIO anymore.”

  • Mark, thanks for sharing Craig’s perspectives. A couple of things stood out, which speak to Austereo’s strategic approach.
    Great questions at the weekly product meetings…
    How are we going to get talked about this week?
    What are the memorable things we’re going to do?
    Great comment midway through by Craig.
    When you have a process to create great content, the results tend to take care of themselves.

  • Doug Clifton

    American broadcasters used to be the innovators that the rest of the world followed. It’s people like Craig Bruce that are the new innovators. Good on Australian radio!
    The big question, how many American broadcasters are listening?

  • Great Stuff! Thanks Mark and Craig!

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