Nominate the Top 10 Twitter Must-Follows for Radio Broadcasters

Nominations are open now!

What Tweets are your must-reads?  What are the best and most important Twitterati in Radio-land?

Comment here with your nomination(s).  Please, only a couple per submission, max!  Make sure to include the link! (And be patient while you wait for your comments to appear – they are moderated)

I'll run through the nominees and post the winners from your list next week!

Remember, we're looking for the tweets that help you do your job better.  Not the tweets that illustrate the exciting life of Ashton Kutcher.

Feel free to retweet this invitation and spread word to your network.

P.S. You can leave my Tweets off your nomination list, because something tells me it will make the top ten regardless.  :-)

P.P.S.  If you really prefer to remain anonymous, you can email me directly.
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    Indie 103.1

  • Our favorites excluding ourselves @radioinsight
    @airchecker – Focused on Canada, but building a community rather than just posting.
    @orbitcast – Everything you need to know about Sirius XM plus other new media options.
    @opieradio – This is how a radio personality should engage their listeners. Opie & Anthony have used twitter as a 24 hour feedback line for their show.

  • Jerry

    Voting for the Airchecker. A wonferful resource for me.

  • http://twitter.com/airchecker – Canadian news, info, and job postings.
    http://twitter.com/orbitcast – Everything you need to know about Sirius XM and other developing mediums.
    http://twitter.com/radioinsight – Programming news and links of interest to pros and fans alike
    http://twitter.com/opieradio – an example of how to use Twitter to engage the audience 24/7. Not just during an airshift. Good lesson

  • @martindave
    @markedwards (a man can dream)

  • I second:
    and add @mthinker.
    Also, {shamless plug} @webby2001 {/shamless plug} ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shameless plugs are welcome.
    By the way, Tom, if you’d like to mention this thing on your blog I’d be thrilled.

  • Bill Eisenhamer

    I nominate a technical one: http://www.twitter.com/dragonbill
    Yeah, I’m selfish. It’s mine.
    Gotta have something different that those programming and marketing types!
    My blog is Tech Notes from the Field.

  • Oh, I did better than that. I tweeted it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • yep they’re all here.
    — and you Mark. Good post–great idea. I’m adding @radioinsight and
    @airchecker now.
    Tom Barnes

  • Hey thanks Tom!

  • For a view from the UK…
    1. You want to visit http://www.mediauk.com/radio/people/twitter/ – that’s almost everyone within the UK radio industry on Twitter. Over 250 of them. (What it doesn’t list is consultants.)
    2. @mediaukradio – which lists radio news from the UK.
    3. @mediaukjobs – which lists… oh, you got there ahead of me.
    4. @jamescridland – that’s me. I work on many things at the BBC, including the radio bit of the BBC iPlayer.

  • Nice ones, Tom and James. Thanks.

  • @LATimes
    @SDUT (San Diego Union Tribune)
    and shameless plug for San Diego happenings: @SDRadio
    Thanks, see YOU on the radio Mark!

  • For industry news…
    And of course, @free_radio

  • I like @buzzbishop on @virgin953. Both are ahead of the tech curve here in Vancouver.
    JP Holecka @jaypiddy

  • @alancross Alan is now hosting a new daily radio show called exploremusic, which is an extension of his really great website exploremusic.com. He tweets about his show, his guests, the music industry and music in general. He currently has 2050 followers.
    @charlesadler Charles tweets about current events, his take โ€œfactitudeโ€ on those events and general news about his show. He currently has 1349 followers.

  • Radio Guy

    As a programmer for 20 years voting for Airchecker. Has provided me with my radio fix.

  • How will you narrow down the top 10? Will your list be relegated to who is nominated the most? If so, might I compel you instead to set forth some sort of guidelines?
    What I’m getting at is, will you look for only those who are providing value to others within their own industry (what you actually ask for, more or less), or will you also look for those that offer value to their listeners? After all, aren’t they more important?
    If you think so too, then I humbly offer up two:
    @thejeffbrown (me)
    @wayfm_nashville (my station)
    Utilizing TweetDeck search monitoring tools, along with Google Alerts, I monitor the mentions of my stations and my jocks, etc., and attempt to dialogue with those who comment (whether they’re positive or negative), often asking how we can do what we do even better.
    With the @wayfm_nashville handle (and soon, @WAYtoWorkUpdate), we offer traffic and weather updates to listeners, among other things. Of course, if they choose, they can get this information sent right to their cell phone.
    All I’m getting at is, are we grading on how well we use Twitter to talk to each other, or would we be better served grading ourselves on how well it’s being utilized to talk to those keeping us in business?
    I wrote a post recently regarding my thoughts on Twittering and public figures if you’re so inclined. You’ll find it at:
    Thank you sir for your time.

  • Great post, Mark…radio should embrace Twitter. Excellent for jocks to gather show content/prep material and, just as important, a fantastic way to interact with core fans (pre-promoting, asking and answering questions, etc.)
    For radio, I recommend the following:
    @mramsey1 <-- shameless plug for you @kennedycs <-- shameless plug @radioinsight @MMURadio @webby2001 @markedwards @streettalkdaily @rocktheglobe @alancross @mediafix @adage @RAINtwitter @Radio_Online @RadioTwit @jdelcolliano @Radio_Ink @Mashable, @Seth_Godin and @danschawbel are just some of many social media twits that contain content radio leaders can use. Keep up the great work, Mark! Tweet on, Chris

  • http://twitter.com/BIAfn because we track the radio industry very closely, and my account http://twitter.com/hackmer as I also write about radio as well as new media. @mediapost also is good.

  • Again, please nominate only a couple per person. I want YOU to pick the best so I can.

  • @allaccess

  • @opieradio

  • @mramsey1

  • HollyHaze

    ALL ACCESS please ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tara @ Rock 102

    From what I’m aware voting is “Top 10 Twitter Must-Follows for Radio Broadcasters” Not Music news,TV OR TECH. People are voting non related radio Twitters. Voting for http://twitter.com/Airchecker

  • I’m looking for tweets worth following for broadcasters, not necessarily things which are all-radio.

  • Terry Purvis

    “I’m looking for tweets worth following for broadcasters, not necessarily things which are all-radio”
    Perhaps that is because Twitter is far more popular amongst radio people than it is amongst radio listeners.

  • Man, I hope you are joking.

  • Bobby Cripouris

    @alancross What else can you say about Alan, other than he lives and breathes music. I actually read his page, before picking up the newspaper. A true Music/broadcast icon and my nomination for Canada’s Walk Of Fame.

  • I hope so too. I’ve heard similar from a member of my staff. He “doesn’t get” twitter and thinks it’s “stupid.” I’m trying to figure out how to motivate him and educate him that these tools exist and the audience is beginning to use them in rapidly increasing numbers, especially in our target demographics. Sadly, I don’t think I’m getting through effectively.

  • Terry Purvis

    Not at all – deadly serious. It is yet another “panacea” created by the enthusiasm of the media which is supposed to cure all the problems of the media. A little while ago it was blogs, then MySpace, then Facebook, and now Twitter.
    Radio, especially in this digital age, is a far more powerful medium than radio people seem to realise or understand. It is a medium of the Internet, whereas any of the above are simply channels of another medium, the Worldwide Web.
    If the radio industry hasn’t figured out the advantages it has over the worldwide web, well . . . .
    A while ago I read a piece by some radio “expert” saying that a presenter can use Twitter whilst on air to send updates about what is going on in the studio whilst their show is on air. Why not just say something on the radio instead?

  • Well I’m glad you made these points, Terry, because I’m sure they are commonly felt in the industry.
    But they are wrong, and here’s why….
    Twitter is not about “making announcements”. It’s about handing over control to the audience which has already claimed it. It’s about forcing nothing down anyone’s throats. It’s about making sharable what can be – as long as listeners – not you and I – consider it sharable. It’s about jumping aboard a wave rather than watching it submerge us as it passes.
    The radio industry is not “different” from digital media unless it chooses to be.
    And for everyone’s sake let’s hope it doesn’t.

  • gj

    Hi Mark:
    My nominations are:
    Thanks very much and good luck!

  • Twitter is VERY inside baseball right now. The vast majority of people havent figured out to handle it, just like they haven’t fully understood the Facebook redesign, which is a clone of the Twitter stream.
    I’ve tackled the topic a number of times on a few blogs I write for. From why every radio station SHOULD be on twitter,
    to why regular joes have no business using the service.
    BTW, if I can be so bold, I’d nominate myself for the follow list @buzzbishop

  • @Terry
    I think you’re missing the point about how Twitter reaches beyond the radio dial. When I Tweet that I’m about to interview Lady Gaga in 15 minutes on @virgin953 I get to reach a segment of the audience that is NOT listening to the radio, yet following me.
    We are taught to hook our asses off in radio, all that does is MAINTAIN audience. With Twitter, you get to hook BEYOND the dial to bring people in and actually GROW audience.
    Twitter is a complicated idea, it’s more than a ego stroking micro blog, if used properly.
    I’d invite you to check out my new media v old media blog to see some more ideas on how newspaper and radio can better use new media to attract new audience

  • I’d also like to nominate Tom Webster, @webby2001. He has a ton of insight into the future of radio and has taught me everything I know about the industry!

  • Steve Tanner

    Radio Twitter Airchecker would have to be intop 10. They did a live interview on Twitter to me that was innovative.

  • Joan Stevens

    Tweet, Tweet who are the Top 10?

  • It’s in my “to do” queue, Joan!