Rhode Island will be WiFi border to border

When an entire state goes WiFi, then it will be followed by more states.

And that will precipitate the arrival of the Internet in cars, which is already on the drawing board in Detroit.

And that will create a broad range of new opportunities for radio, all of them online.

And it will create a serious new threat to radio, entirely online.

Are you ready? Or are you still pitching HD?

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  • George

    In my view, this is a bigger threat to satellite radio, because the model is similar. Users will pay $20 a month for access. That’s a little more than a satellite subscription, but you get far more benefits, in terms of what wifi gets you. This is a more interactive network than traditional radio. So I suspect the folks at Sirius and XM are very quietly quaking in their boots about this. I know if I have a choice where I’m spending my disposable income, it will go to wifi.

  • Vytas Safroncikas

    I’d be careful about comparing access costs with satellite subscription fees. The Internet is becoming a must-have utility.

  • Quite right.
    Plus, terrestrial has much more to lose from this than satellite because terrestrial has much more – period.

  • George

    That is if all who get the internet will use it in place of their radio.

  • Jeff

    There’s only a threat to those who choose not to participate. The internet is open to everyone. But the game changes – we’ll all have to learn to get by with less.
    Sat radio, audio blogs, terrestrial radio, internet radio, podcasters, TV, movies, videoblogs, indie films & shorts – they will ALL be there – available to anyone.
    In that universe the disadvantage will be to those who need mass to win because the largest preference category (where the most bodies will be) will likely be in a column titled “other”.

  • Peter Childs

    WiFi is not designed to be mobile – yet – it’s affected by doppler.
    So it only changes part of the game. But if the choice becomes a radio, vs a device that delivers maps, a million channels, and answeres to what ever info I need now to make my travel life better – you know that devices is going to win, so what are you doing to address that model?

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