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Radio’s Misplaced Obsession on “Local”

Not a week goes by that some broadcaster doesn't bemoan radio's unfortunate "nationalization" and the urgent need for radio brands to get back to what they are presumed to do best: Be local.This is a mistake. But where does this obsession with "local" come from?It's not from the FCC license, which requires that broadcasters operate in "the public interest, convenience, and necessity." Responsiveness to local communities and local content is one of the issues wrapped up in that theme, but it's only one, and its interpretation has been notoriously loose over the years. What if the public … [Read more...]


The Return of Horror Radio

Once upon a time, things that go bump in the night went bump in the night on the radio.Everything old is new again, particularly when it's updated for a new - and digital - age.That explains a new series of "horror radio plays" brought to you by horror maestro Larry Fessenden.Larry and his production company, Glass Eye Pix, are best known in the movie world, where they are the creative and production forces behind many of today's best-known independent horror flicks.Larry's new project, "Tales from Beyond the Pale," is not a retread of golden age radio oldies. ┬áThis is a series … [Read more...]

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