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How Radio can Compete Against Facebook

Dear Radio Brands:Are your clients including Facebook as an important part of their media strategy - not just as an inexpensive way to reach and connect with fans but as a place to spend ad dollars which might otherwise go to radio?Recent changes to Facebook's algorithm mean that a smaller-than-ever fraction of fans will see the content your clients post in their newsfeeds. The consequences of this are huge and are summarized in an excellent piece in Business2Community.As of now, only the brand's most engaged fans - the folks who interact with a publisher's posts - will get those … [Read more...]


Radio: You’re Messing Up on Facebook

Now that I have argued how Facebook has – and will continue to – gradually “un-like” your radio brand by blocking more of your content from the news feeds of fans who “like” your page, it’s time for me to remind you why Facebook is not only a great place for you to invest effort, but one you could do a lot more with.I argued that you should invest more effort in building your own email list – and indeed you should. But is this sufficient?No.Here’s why you still need Facebook: Because that’s where everybody is and that’s where everybody shares.Even my post critical of Facebook … [Read more...]


Radio: Your Facebook Page is Un-Liking You

This is directly from Facebook: We expect organic distribution of an individual page's posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site. In other words, all that effort you go to to populate your Facebook page with useful content is increasingly wasted. Even Facebook acknowledges your distribution to the very folks who raise their hands to "like" your page will increasingly thin over time despite their willingness to receive that content in their feeds.Why? Because Facebook wants you to pay for distribution of … [Read more...]


Radio: Pretend your Customers are Fans, not Advertisers

So I’m talking to a digital solutions provider who has created a platform featuring new value for consumers as part of a radio station’s online brand.Right in the middle of his on-screen experience, surrounded by the new stuff he created for his radio client, is that particular station’s Facebook feed.“Why is that there?” I asked, since it has nothing to do with the value proposition of the content around it.“The station wanted it there,” he replied.“Why?” I asked.“Because they wanted to be able to promote their Facebook posts to their audience – and do it with the comments … [Read more...]


Is Radio Wasting Effort on Facebook?

Based on stats released by Facebook last year, only about 16% of Facebook fans receive the posts of the pages they "like." This is Facebook's effort to maintain the "quality" of the feed whether or not a consumer has opted-in to connect to it. While Facebook continues to send lots of traffic to lots of brands, publishers are beginning to sour on the platform, and Facebook's solution to the problem is to charge publishers to reach the same folks they used to reach for free.  While this is a fair transfer of value for value, it's not the same promise as "free."From Digiday: “Facebook … [Read more...]


Radio: Is Anybody in Charge of your Fans?

It was my first visit to the Sundance Channel, and I was met with this visual:Not so much a "pop up" per se as in invitation to deepen a relationship which was at least strong enough to bring me to the page in the first place (and it didn't "pop" during my second visit).Does your radio brand have such an invitation?One that invites consumers to give up their email in exchange for information of real value? One that says "we want to connect with you personally"?I was struck recently when I read a piece by David Siteman Garland (who will be appearing in my blog soon) on his great … [Read more...]


Is Social Media for Conversation – or for Broadcasting?

"Social media is for conversations, not broadcasting."That's a common bromide among social media gurus.  But is it true?This matters to traditional broadcasters, because so much of what we do is built for broadcasting - it's built for "one-to-many."  Should we shoot for more conversation or more distribution?Hubspot's Dan Zarella took a closer look at this question:For blogs, "conversation" means "comments."  But Zarella found no significant correlation between the number of comments a blog post received and the amount of traffic that blog got.  Nor did he find a correlation … [Read more...]


Radio’s Future requires Innovation

When it comes to radio's future, how important is it to try out stuff and take chances?Very important, if you ask Beau Phillips, former Executive VP of Programming and Marketing at Dial Global.Beau argues that your radio brand needs to be loved, not simply liked - on Facebook or anywhere else. That requires a new awareness for relevance and a bias for innovation. This is not optional!Further, says Beau, Radio needs to make deeper emotional connections. "No more hollow slogans!"From my perspective, the more the world is full of choices and the more convenient and ubiquitous … [Read more...]

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